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Yummiez Chicken Kabab PlatterYummiez Chicken Kabab Platter
MRP Rs. 340
zapprice Rs.340
Out Of Stock
Yummiez Lucknow Seekh Kabab ChickenYummiez Lucknow Seekh Kabab Chicken
MRP Rs. 195
zapprice Rs.195
Out Of Stock
Yummiez Afghani Seekh Kabab ChickenYummiez Afghani Seekh Kabab Chicken
MRP Rs. 130
zapprice Rs.130
Yummiez Chicken NuggetsYummiez Chicken Nuggets
MRP Rs. 185
zapprice Rs.185
PRABHAT Chicken - Sheek KababPRABHAT Chicken - Sheek Kabab
MRP Rs. 125
zapprice Rs.125
Yummiez Real Good Kheema Paratha ChickenYummiez Real Good Kheema Paratha Chicken
MRP Rs. 105
zapprice Rs.105
Out Of Stock
Yummiez Chicken Chilli SausagesYummiez Chicken Chilli Sausages
MRP Rs. 115
zapprice Rs.115
Yummiez Punjabi Tikka ChickYummiez Punjabi Tikka Chick
MRP Rs. 270
zapprice Rs.270
Prabhat Chicken SalamiPrabhat Chicken Salami
MRP Rs. 115
zapprice Rs.115
Yummiez Chicken Burger PattyYummiez Chicken Burger Patty
MRP Rs. 150
zapprice Rs.150
Yummiez Chicken Magic BallsYummiez Chicken Magic Balls
MRP Rs. 95
zapprice Rs.95
Out Of Stock
Yummiez Tandoori Chicken NuggetYummiez Tandoori Chicken Nugget
MRP Rs. 205
zapprice Rs.205
Yummiez Hot Grill Chicken DrumsticksYummiez Hot Grill Chicken Drumsticks
MRP Rs. 99
zapprice Rs.99
Out Of Stock