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Saffola masala oats veggie twistSaffola masala oats veggie twist
zapprice Rs.15
Saffola oats plainSaffola oats plain
zapprice Rs.45
Save Rs. 19
Kelloges all bran wheat flakesKelloges all bran wheat flakes
MRP Rs. 199
10% Off zapprice Rs.180
Save Rs. 20
Kelloges cornflakes special kKelloges cornflakes special k
MRP Rs. 380
5% Off zapprice Rs.360
Save Rs. 85
Kelloges chocos corn flakesKelloges chocos corn flakes
MRP Rs. 445
19% Off zapprice Rs.360
Kelloges corn flakes originalKelloges corn flakes original
zapprice Rs.295
Save Rs. 29
kelloges corn flakes almond and honeykelloges corn flakes almond and honey
MRP Rs. 499
6% Off zapprice Rs.470
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